Monday, June 15, 2009


Yesterday, Emma kept crying and whining all day and night. When we would ask her why, she would say she was "sad because Mimi and Poppy left".

So, being the "compassionate" mom I am.... I chalked it up to her being overly tired and tried to stay out of her way. That was most convenient for me anyway.

Convenient until about 9:00pm last night, when I was replying to some long overdue emails... as I was writing some friends, it hit me...

I am REALLY sad too.

As I tried to unpack the sadness and loss, I realized that we have been in REALLY great community while here in Guatemala.
At home, we struggle with the lack of deep friendships... and sometimes feel like the suburbs are a desert of loneliness for us.
Here, it has been different.
It's been a very rich time with AMAZING friends and family that share similar dreams, hopes, and desires. We have spent weeks together with them... living, exploring, serving, and dreaming. The facade has been removed and honest relationships have emerged. A third world country is a good place for some quick perspective and insight to my own heart.

Soooo... with anything GREAT... comes GREAT sadness and loss when it leaves.

My parents left yesterday... the last of the bunch. And, thanks to the honesty of my 7 year old... I stopped fighting the sadness and let the grief wash over me. It was almost cleansing...

Then... I ate some chocolate ice cream (thanks Sarah!) and called it a night. :)

Two more weeks,

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el scotto said...

Awesome that you were able to spend that time with your parents! I bet they were filled with wonder!