Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Just a quick little update to say that we have an official DTH!  

If you're illiterate to adoption lingo (like myself) let me fill you in... 

Once your dossier arrives in country, you're given a special abbreviation (depending on which country you're actually adopting from).  
Ours is called a DTH, which stands for Dossier To Honduras.  
However, there is also the DTE (Ethiopia) and a DTC (China) & so on...  

Why is this significant??  Because it's basically the "time-stamp" that begins logging your wait time.

So, with that little bit of education... our DTH is officially 3/16/2012.
Everything is now being translated to EspaƱol.

So, we wait...

Friday, March 2, 2012

One Giant Exhale

We mailed off our dossier!!!  
Over 500 pages of personal documents, tests, & evaluations are now traveling to our agency (AWAA) in D.C.
Bless that FedEx driver!  :)

I'm breathing a little easier since yesterday.
Here are some photos...

Photo taken by a kind (& camera phobic) FedEx man.  :)

Future Timeline:

Our dossier will be sent from our agency to our attorney in Honduras.  It will then be translated into Spanish and authenticated by the Honduran government. After that, it will be presented and approved by INHFA.  Once approved, we will be officially placed on the waiting list for our little girl.  
Timeline for all of this:  Absolutely No Clue.

Here's what we will be doing next:  Fundraising, applying for grants, & trying to wait patiently.