Friday, August 7, 2009

The Bus.

Excitement filled the air, as hyped up kids clinging to pillows began saying their goodbyes to parents. We were finally boarding the buses for the annual 5th Grade Safety Patrol Trip to Washington D.C.
It was a right of passage. An honor to be chosen. And a nightmare for me.

I was a nervous wreck. Full-on-hot-mess, in the bathroom, crying, and begging my mom not to make me go. It was my first trip away from her, away from home, and I was scared to death. Lucky for me, she decided to push me on that bus... for my fate was waiting for me there.

A couple of hours into the trip, I noticed this little blonde boy in the back of the bus making all the girls laugh. It was someone who I'd never really met before, probably because we were never in the same class. And I'm not quite sure if it was his easy going personality or the way he knew every word to The Jets or Janet Jackson... but, I was instantly smitten.

As the Story would unfold, a friendship began on that bus way back in the 5th grade... and, by the 6th grade we were best friends. We never "went together" or even held hands but in 6th grade I knew I would marry this boy one day. Sounds corny, I know. But, it's the truth...

I just knew.

Many twists and turns on the road of life... and years later we reconnected at the end of tenth grade. Still just best friends, we shared laughs, love, and scars from previous relationships. Wounds still fresh from other people's attacks... we confided, wept, and hurt for one another. Two kids trying to figure out life together. It was then that we began to dream and hope for the other one... and it was that same hope that eventually led us to our own faith and trust in God.

Our anger and passion for each other would lead us to much healing in the years ahead... and slowly (but surely), in God's perfect timing, we would begin a dating relationship that would blossom into a Union of two souls.

August 7, 1999.

A best friend like no other... a relationship... a deep soul connection love that would last for eternity... that started on a bus.

We've been best friends now for 24 years and married today for 10.

It's real.

Happy Anniversary Baby... It just keeps getting better...

I love you,

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Athentikos: Watch & Pray

My friends arrived in Guatemala to finish filming for Athentikos.

Here are some behind the scenes.
Watch the short videos and then pray for Scott.