Friday, June 19, 2009

He cares for those who care for His own-Part I

“The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” –Psalm 111:10

Grief and Fear. Those have been the words for me this week. My little girl has been the one that has taught me the most about them and in turn more about God’s heart.

This past Monday morning, we said “goodbye” to Mimi and Poppy, Kristin’s parents. They spent a week with us and it was an incredible week for sure. We did so many things and experienced so much together. True community and relationship at its best. As the day went on, I found myself sad. Sad that it had to end. But I didn’t want to feel it. I was also experiencing fear. I was afraid of what the next two weeks would hold without the community and relationships we had shared with not only Kristin’s mom & dad, but with the Goodfellows as well. But again, I did not want to feel it.

So only like a little child can, Emma shows up in my room, where I am sitting, on the bed with guitar in hand. And when I say she “shows up”, she really did. With no regard for what was going on externally, she climbed up into the bed and began to weep and cry-out about the depths to which she was missing Mimi & Poppy. She was letting her heart come out. I just held her and we talked about our memories from the week and what she was going to miss. I walked with her as she grieved out loud, what she had lost. She told me she was afraid and sad. As we kept talking, I picked up the guitar and asked if she would like to help me write a song about it. Just before she had come into the room, I had stumbled upon a little riff and didn’t have any words for it. Emma and I created a masterpiece about walking into the pain and loss, feeling it all, and finding true joy on the other side. Gladness.

I sang the song for Kristin the next morning and she wept. She knew what we were talking about in the lyrics. As with all of my songs, I am always hopeful that they will meet people right where they are. I love that there is just as much life in them for me. This song is no different.

That was Monday. After you watch the video, read the next entry for the rest of the story......


Darrell & Emma Vanzant

© 2009 Soul Prop Music

Life is hard that’s no joke

Pain is real. Your tears have told you so.

But there’s a gift when you walk into the pain, into the loss

Dream of so much more

Hope for the top

Grieve to the core

And You’ll Be Glad

You’ll be glad

Tell the truth. Reveal the need.

This is the language you were born to speak

Give it up. Let it go.

Years of defense your heart has known

Watch that sun go down

There’s great joy and great sorrow

Feel them both now

And you’ll be Glad

You’ll be Glad

Blessed if you will grieve

Trade beauty for ash

Find strength in the weak

And you’ll be Glad

You’ll be Glad


Anonymous said...

I love this song! I love the emotions you guys ar bringing to the surface! The song is beautiful.

Unknown said...

wow. Tears. Your blog is such a powerful testimony to Him! I am praying for you all, your mission, and especially now for Emma's continued recovery!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Margaret Callahan