Monday, June 22, 2009

Favorite Moments, Week 4

What?!?! Week 4... already?!?!

Here have been some of my favorite moments from Week 4... actually, not ALL are "favorites"... more like "memorable". :)

  • Emma's fall and the scary night that ensued.
  • A dog with a metal cast on his leg, in the doctor's office with us. ONLY in Guatemala! Lol.
  • The experience of a hospital in a 3rd world country... 2 hospitals, actually.
  • Hearing the words from the doc, "Es muy bien!" the next morning as he read all of the scans.
  • McDonald's playland in Antigua... a great surrogate babysitter.
  • Catching the vision of the "Dreamer Center" and "Nuestros Ahijados", the school where Brandon works.
  • Hermano Pedro... again and again.
  • Listening to D's new song... and feeling the same pain and gladness.
  • "Emma's Cafe"
  • Mac wanting to wrestle with Darrell and blurting out, "C'mon old man!" What?!?! Lol. Where did he even hear that???
  • The Johnny Appleseed prayer that my kids sing... ALL the time. Presh.
  • Dia de Papa. Father's Day in Guatemala... SO fun!
  • Darrell's "GNO" with Brandon at MonoLoco.
  • Listening to the rain.
  • Sweet emails, comments, and voicemails letting us know YOU are praying for our trip (and for Emma). Thank you. It means more than you know.

I cannot believe it's our last week here for the summer. Seriously. I'm trying my best NOT to think about it... or feel it.

God has been revealing SO much since I've been here... or, maybe I've just been listening more. :)
Either way... "Es muy bien!"

Can't wait to share more...

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