Tuesday, June 9, 2009


We did a switcheroo yesterday at the airport, with the Goodfellow's departure and my parents arrival.  It's the first time for my parents to be here in Guatemala and we were all so excited as they stepped off the plane.

So... since they are only here a week there was no time to waste, right?!?  :)

After we picked them up at the airport, we drove down to Zone 3, the neighborhood at the Guatemala City dump.  Once there, we met up with Brady.  Met some new friends and reunited with old ones.
 Mac couldn't wait to show Mimi and Poppy the concrete floor he "made".  He was SO proud!

Then, we headed over to the national cemetery that overlooks the city dump.  Here, my parents were able to see and experience it from afar... the smell, the vultures, the trucks, the people...
the death and the life.

It is still sobering for me, every time I go.
The sweetest time for me yesterday was at lunch.  We were at a small cafe... me, D, the kids, my parents, Brady and Victor (our driver).  Dad was asking Brady about his job, ministry, goals and purpose.  Brady's words still ring in my head and heart... 

"All I know how to do is show up and be faithful."

Such a word from the Lord to me... the me who struggles with performance and grace.

It was beautiful.  Thanks Brady, for showing up and being YOU.

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Anonymous said...

And thank you Kristin for being a wonderful inspiration to us! I love reading the closeness you are experiencing with the Lord! Thank you for being an awesome mother, wife, auntie and sister! I thank it's great that Mac is so proud of his wonderful good deed! Glad that your parents arrived safely! Thank you for sharing this with us! We love you guys! Praying for your hearts!