Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Joy-FULL Ones

Yesterday morning, we loaded up our families in the shuttle and drove to the city of Chimaltenango... to serve in an orphanage there called Los Gozosos (The Joyful Ones).  

It's a home for 11 special needs children... 
like Nancy...

...and Candy
...and Andres.
I'm fairly certain Darrell schemed some possible ways to kidnap Andres.  :)

They are all precious children... definitely, FULL of joy.  

What gave me the MOST joy however... was watching our girls (Emma and Riley) connect and engage with our new friends in such a special way.  

Emma had such a sweet bond with Nancy... one that I hope she never forgets.  I know that I won't.


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alicia s said...

Beautiful pics. You all are really living it. Ask Blake G. if he still has my jeans. (: Hugs to you allllll.