Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorite Moments, Week 2

The Goodfellow familia left at 5:00am this morning.  We were so sad to see them leave... now our kids are grieving their departure and driving us crazy with statements like, "I'm booorrreedddd....".

As I was in the shower (at the crack of dawn)... I began reflecting on some of my most favorite moments over the past week.

  • The excitement as the Goodfellow's arrived in Guate, it's been 2 years... and, WAY too long.
  • The faces on the hotel staff as 8 kids bombarded the breakfast buffet.
  • Our "big helpers" in Zone 3, mixing and pouring the concrete.
  • Mac and Charlie, separated at birth?
  • Listening to Fito (Guatemalan YL leader) as he told his story.
  • Tyler's "ministry" to the local Mayan women.
  • Being told "frio!" every time we took the above mentioned baby outside without socks, winter hat, and sweater.  Seriously, do these people know that it's 75 degrees outside???
  • Charlie Greene's birthday fiesta!  And, the conversations that flowed during the party.
  • Our kiddos playing together... futbol, running on the roof, legos, sword fights, and cartoons in Espanol.
  • Emma and Riley at Los Gozosos.  Priceless.
  • Hanging out with great friends every night... and, dreaming together.
  • Cramming 10 kids and 6 adults into Brady's Ford Explorer.
  • Guate!, Guate!, Guate!
  • Smiles and laughter from the precious souls at Hermano Pedro.
  • AND... 9 (yes, 9!) people in a Tuk Tuk.  The impossible... with no pictures to prove it!
My heart is SO FULL from this past week.
Thank you Goodfellow Family!
Thank you Greene's!

We love you all in such a special way...


Debbie said...

WOW week 2 already! What a wonderful week...I feel like I know the Goodfellows from talking to you and following this blog...that I will miss them too :) God is working in an awesome way through your little family. I hope the last weeks are even better that the first 2. Love and prayers,

Debbie & family

Sarah said...

I'm crying just reading this..priceless memories. It went way too fast.

Blake said...

Tears hear too! Thank you for the post and thank you for letting us BE with you guys. So rich!

I am so grieved to get up this morning, shower in my own house, buy my $2 cup of coffee, and sit at my computer only to catch up on emails/work. I can't explain to the people I am interacting with at work what is going on inside me. The time in Guatemala had it's stretching moments, but they were whisked away by the all the goodness, pureness, gladness...

We love you guys and wish we were still there.

Much Love,