Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little adoption update...

Happy New Year!

Thank you to all our sweet friends who have asked, encouraged, and prayed for our adoption.
Here's a quick little adoption update to catch everyone up to speed:

1.  I mailed our I-600 application last week!  Yay!

Basically, this is a document that declares that an orphan that has been adopted (or will be adopted) by a US citizen is an immediate relative to that citizen.  

Now, we wait (an average of 75 days) to get the approved document back from USCIS... before we can mail our dossier.  
We still have plenty of work to accomplish during the wait time... things like our psychiatric evaluations & additional references written.

2.  The Honduras government is a hot mess right now.  They recently opened investigations into IHNFA, workers went on strike and then a couple of top officials were fired.  Now adoptions are on "hold."

Obviously, this feels all too familiar with Guatemala right next door.
At this point, we are not switching countries... we are preparing our dossier, listening to the Lord and praying like crazy!!
We are praying for the country, for the government, and for the thousands of desperate children that are without families.  

We will continue update you as we know more...

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