Friday, February 24, 2012

Progress & Paperwork

Lots of great progress happening around here lately!

On February 9th (my own adopted father's birthday... I love that "coincidence") we had an appointment at Immigration Services (USCIS) to have our fingerprints taken.

One week later, I opened up our mailbox to a sweet surprise... Our I-600 APPROVAL!!!  Yay!
This document states that we have legal approval from the US government to adopt.

The day after that, February 16th, Darrell and I had our psychiatric evaluation and testing completed... looks like we are not too crazy, afterall.

And... over the past two days I have been running around like a mad woman getting forms notarized & re-notarized, typing letters, scanning, emailing, and organizing our mountain of paperwork!

Next on the agenda is to have everything apostilled (that little gold sticker the government sticks on legal papers)... it's basically a notary-to-the-notary.
We do this at the Secretary of State office (thankfully we live in Nashville).

Then, we will travel to Atlanta to get the Honduran Consulate letter... (and, maybe a celebratory stop at Ikea while we're there).

I am hopeful that we will be able to mail our dossier next week... where it will then be reviewed, translated to Spanish, and sent off to Honduras.

Oh friends... what a JOYFUL day that will be!!!

I am definitely ready to have this part
Paperwork is the pits!

And you know I love to take some photos... so, here you go.  

My handsome husband's reflection in the USCIS office window.
Apparently, they are pretty serious about their rules.  
Including photography.

Happy Friday!


ARay o' Sunshine said...

LOVE THIS. But you better hide your camera from those people next time. Does look like they are serious about their rules. Egad!!! (:
Oh, so happy/thankful that things are marching along so well for you. And not surprised you passed the psych testing. (: Give yourself a hug for me since I'd really just like to do that myself right about now, but my arms won't reach that far....(:

Kristin Vanzant said...

Seriously... I *almost* had my phone confiscated. Hehe.
Oh sweet Alicia... I miss you SO, SO MUCH. Big stuff to tell you... Mt. Juliet date soon?