Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks & A "Little" Surprise!

It’s a GIRL!!!

We are officially announcing our journey to adopt a little GIRL from the country of Honduras.  We are overjoyed to share the news... and very excited to add to our family!

For most of you, our decision to adopt is no surprise.  We’ve shared our heart for the fatherless… and we have prayed continually for God to show us the right time to adopt a child (or 2) of our own.

Why Honduras? 
It looks like Guatemala adoptions are on hold indefinitely.  So, we are looking to the neighboring country of Honduras to add to our family.  The two countries share a similar story and culture, as well as being close in geographic proximity.

Right now, we are finishing up the home study process and the mountain(!) of paperwork that will become our dossier.  We are hoping to submit the dossier by early 2012 and then be placed on the waiting list soon after.  All in all, the process is estimated to take about 2 years and cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000.  If you look over to the right, you can see the results of our fundraising efforts to date.  Would you support us and help bring our daughter home?  We would love for you to be a part of our adoption story.

Please pray for us as we continue traveling down a very long road...
Feel free to follow along here, our family blog, as we document the journey.

Darrell & Kristin


Rachel Mashburn said...

KRISTIN!! THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! :):):) I hope you can sense my enthusiasm from the all caps!! :):):)
HUGE congrats and this has made my thanksgiving so much sweeter. God has blessed your future daughter because she is gaining a beautiful family and God is blessing your lives because of this opportunity! :)

Jeanie said...

A huge congratulations!! As a Momma of 5, with 2 of those from adoption, I can understand the whole combination of joy, fear, love, stress, and excitement!! Please know I'm praying for you & your family, as you begin this adventure!! Be Blessed!!

Kristin Vanzant said...

Thank you, Rachel! I feel the love... and your sweet enthusiasm!! :)
Grateful for your words tonight.

Kristin Vanzant said...

Wow Jeanie... You are a blessed mama of 5!!
Yes, we definitely feel all of those emotions. Right now, we are just so ready to have the dossier in country! Baby steps. :) Where did you adopt from?

Thank you for your prayers... that means more than you'll ever know!