Friday, March 7, 2008

Why Guatemala?!?!

So, I was at the salon earlier this week...and, like any “good” southern woman at a salon, I was gossiping with my sweet friend (and talented stylist) Chadd.  At one point in the conversation, Chadd asked me about our Easter plans...(like an excited 12 year old) I said, ”we are going to Guatemala!”  Chadd immediately paused, cocked his head and asked “Guatemalughh...why Guatemala?!?!”  I loved his honesty...I laughed out loud and said, “that’s a great question!”  Truth be told, I have no idea.  I do know that God has given me a love for a country (and a people) that I know nothing about.  I also know that I am given one life to make a difference.  Therefore, we are going.  We are going to put our feet on the ground... and walk the streets with the “ eyes of Christ”.  God is changing my heart...I desire to step out of the gate and “be the Mercy”.

More to follow,


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