Sunday, March 16, 2008

Please Pray

The countdown has begun... in less than 15 hours we will board the airplane for Guatemala!!!  I am beyond excited!!!  I cannot wait to arrive there and be immersed in a culture and country that I’ve waited so long to experience.

In my excitement, I am also very fearful.  Please pray for our safety as we travel.  Pray for the people we are supposed to meet.  Pray for the children we are going to hug.  Pray for us to have open hearts and eyes.

As Jeff Helton (our Pastor) said this morning so beautifully, we are going to Guatemala with two “Assignments”, 1. Availability and 2. Love.  I’m hopeful and excited to watch God show up!

Here’s the hotel in Guatemala City that we will be staying in...(see mom, it is safe!).  We actually got this hotel for FREE (thanks to AMEX points...and the goodness of the Lord).  :-)  We will be arriving Monday night at 7:00pm and staying here for 2 days.

This is the orphanage that we will be visiting first in GC.  Pray for our time here...we get to lead arts and crafts!  Yay!

Darrell or I will try to continue updating our blog daily...please bookmark this site because we may not always send out an email.  We would LOVE to hear from you as well!



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