Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm starting to get really sad...

Today is Day 10 and I leave in 2 days.  As MUCH as I miss my precious D and kiddos (and, I DO miss them terribly), I am really sad about leaving Guatemala.  Really.  Really.  Sad.  

My heart is definitely here in a big way.  Please pray as I finish up my time in country, with the people and ministries, telling their stories, and spending sweet and quality time with my new friends on our “A-Team”.  I’m in such great community and the Lord has blessed me with some amazing new friendships.  

Here was my blog today on the site.



We spent all day with Mayra in Cuidad Vieja (a few miles outside of Antigua). She has a feeding program for the children left behind while parents go to work… and, she is also starting a school next month. An amazing woman and family, serving the little ones in her community.

Cuidad Vieja
The house for the feeding program, “On Their Behalf” that Mayra started with her 71 year old mother.
The arts and crafts room.

So much love comes from so little.
I’m humbled and blessed from our day today.


We travel back to Guatemala City tomorrow, to an orphanage called Casa Bernabe.  

Buenos Noches Amigos,


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