Sunday, January 4, 2009

Athentikos Blog

Between making sure our Athentikos blog has been updated and downloading pics, updating facebook and sending out mass emails... I have had no time for this little blog.  And, I am so sorry.  Honestly, I am so tired that nothing I write would make sense anyway (it is 1:00 am now, there’s 3 of us still awake and breakfast is at 7:30 am).

All that to say.... follow our trip blog daily and when I get some free time I will post a more personal blog here.

Also.... if you are new to the blogging world, your comments are like “crack” cocaine for us on the other side of the computer.  :-)  I love comments!  So, leave them here (or there) if you wish.

I took the pic above while in the Guatemala City dump today.  Hope in the midst of hopelessness.  Life in the middle of death.

I will post more pics soon.  Promise.

Goodnight in (and from) Guatemala,


Have I mentioned that I LOVE this country?!?!?

It breaks my heart and awakens it... all at the same time.

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