Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Guatemala Part Dos

One month from today, I should be in Guatemala again... Woo Hoo!!!  :-)

God has surprised me with an AMAZING opportunity and we leave in less than a month!  A MONTH PEOPLE...  I literally JUST found out about the trip and I’m a tad bit overwhelmed with the details (throw in Emma’s birthday and Christmas before and well, you get the picture...).

Pray for me as I finalize plans, flights, etc.  I am VERY excited about being in the country again... and I am VERY sad to leave my sweet husband and kiddos behind.  Please pray for my heart... I will be gone for 12 days and I’m already anticipating the loneliness without them.

I will write more soon... I can’t wait to tell you why I’m going and what I get to do...  God is SO good... and SO fun!  :-)

I’ve gotta get to bed... my girl turns 7 tomorrow!!!  



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