Friday, December 19, 2008

Athentikos Guatemala

Here is my BIG Guatemala news... and a little more about my trip.

It’s called Athentikos and here’s the 411...


The Greek word for authentic:

having the origin supported by unquestionable evidence; 



Athentikos Guatemala is an HD Video Documentary that will explore the impact of individuals in Guatemala who use their unique design (experiences, talents, and passions) to help the least, last and lost.

Our hope is to:

Expose     viewers to needs in Guatemala

Connect   viewers to specific ministries in Guatemala

Inspire      viewers to give or to go

As filmmakers, we use our design to tell this story. Our design is not only about us.  

We believe that God designs everyone with experiences, talents and passions that correlate with specific needs around the world. When we live authentically as designed, our lives integrate into the community of uniquely designed individuals around us to glorify God, fulfill needs, and provide ultimate joy.  It is our desire to tell the story.

“So Kristin, you’re not a filmmaker!” you say.  You’re right.  Definitely not.  My role is the “Communications Coordinator”... everyone likes a title, right?!?!  I will be in charge of getting the email updates out, blog, facebook, etc. 


And honestly, (if I’m being “Authentic”) it will give me the opportunity to GO BACK... because when I’m surrounded by the broken, poor, and suffering I know a little bit more of heart of Christ.

God sent his son, Jesus... born into poverty, to be broken, suffer and die... for me.  You too.  This is why I love going to Guatemala...

Now, I get to celebrate His birth... Amazing!

Merry Christmas,


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