Tuesday, April 22, 2008

La Fiesta!

We had difficult yet fun weekend.  Kristin and Mac were down for the count with a weirdo stomach flu.  So we took it easy on Saturday.  But Sunday we part-ayed!  We were invited to a birthday party by some of our new friends the Valenzuelas.  We met mama Valenzuela at Panera Bread Co. before our Guatemala trip.  It was one of those “chance meetings” or “coinci-dances”.  Turns out that Alicia (Mama Valenzuela) is actually from Guatemala. She offered to meet with us prior to our departure.  It was great getting to know her story a little more. 

So, when she invited us to her granddaughters 3rd birthday party at none other than Chuck E. Cheese’s, we said, “absolutely!”  Alicia made us feel like such  a part of her family.  She called on Saturday (the day before the party) and I told her that Kristin was sick and she went to Walgreens, bought some medicine and tea, and brought it to our house.  She prayed for Kristin and made her drink the green tea she brought with her.  :)
At the party on Sunday, she completely made us feel at home.  She introduced us to all of her friends and family.  

What a wonderful day.

See the pics below.

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