Saturday, July 11, 2009

Favorite Moments, Week 5

Yes, so this blog is about 2 weeks late... sorry.

Our last week in Guatemala, we definitely packed it all in!
We stayed SO busy... probably in order to keep ourselves from feeling the sadness of leaving.

It didn't work.

Here are some of my most memorable moments from Week 5.
  • Hermano Pedro... over and over.
  • Getting to hold Gloria, one more time.
  • Hearing Henry and Elmer yell out, "Emma!" in their excitement to see her.
  • New friendships with the HP nurses, Estella and Mary Louisa.
  • Cafe Barista's latte
  • Los Gozosos... saying "hasta luego" with a SpongeBob Pinata Party.
  • Sacred time with the Ortiz family.
  • The afternoon with our friend Cesar.
  • Visiting Hogar de Ninos (Children's Home) and meeting Sean and Glendi.
  • Meeting with Pastor Mike and catching a vision.
  • Dreaming with Melissa and Scott over Pollo Campero. I. love. them!
  • 2 (yes, 2!) birthday cakes for Mac... long story.
  • 1 adorable little birthday boy.
  • Victor's last visit to our casa.
  • Walking the cobblestone streets and saying "goodbye" to Antigua.
  • 1980's minivan with 8 people crammed in + ALL of our luggage + no air conditioning for a 2 hour road trip.
  • Meeting the Reyher family in the Guatemala City hotel and talking adoption.

Ahhhh... I love this country. Love the kids. Love the people. Love the cities. Love the culture.

As much as I love the country of Guatemala, I love MORE of what its done to me and my own heart.

It's changed me. Forever.

The poverty, injustice, and hopelessness has given me a path to engage my own brokeness and need.

I desperately need a Rescuer.
The Rescuer.

So do the people of Guatemala.


***If you are interested in traveling to Guatemala, Darrell and I will be leading some "Come and See" trips this Fall and next Spring, Summer 2010. These would be great for families, groups or individuals.
Shoot me an email or comment if you want more info.


Sarah said...

Sign me up!!!! Summer 2010! I want to "advertise" your trips on our blog too. And I seriously want to come- for much longer this time.

Missing you a lot right now friend! Love you!

Anonymous said...

OH how awesome! You know I'd love to make the trip with you sometime. We leave in 6 days!


The Girl Who Lives In My Head said...

I am really interested in a "Come and See" trip this summer. Let me know the scoop when you get it. Miss you guys!!!