Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just Not Sure....

Today was Emma’s end of the year party at school.  She is NOT a kindergartner anymore.  :(  She is growing faster than I ever imagined.  I marvel at her and at God because of her. 

Later, I was writing with a good friend.  He and I were working on a song for Young Life Camp this summer where he is playing music.  The song is to be used during the time between the Cross talk and the “twenty minutes”.  We were attempting to capture what the general thoughts and feelings are during that time.  I don’t think we quite did it.  We only got a chorus finished with no verses.  But with only a two hour window in which to work, I think we did pretty well.  It’s a work in progress.

Tonight, we got word that our small group leaders, Greg and Pam had some good friends loose a 5 year old child in a terrible accident.  On my way home from writing with Ryan, I heard the sirens and saw all the commotion and didn’t know what it was all about until we heard the news.  It happened a few miles from our house.  And although we did not personally know the family whose child died, it still hurts like hell that our friends who knew them very well are suffering.  I talked with Greg on the phone briefly tonight and could hardly get any words out.  All I could say was how sorry Kristin & I are and offer our prayers and anything else he and his family need.  

I am angry......sad....hurt....lonely........and I am just not sure........

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